You want maximum protection,
long-lasting and ecological at the right price?

Protective mask with washable, disinfectable and ecological P3 filter (FFP3). The filter can be used for several weeks or months without being replaced. Ideal for a medical area or for companies, communities... who wish to secure the work of its employees as much as possible: transport, taxis, garbage collectors, paramedic, funeral director, home help, craftsmen...

Quality control

Quality is the essential characteristic of our products.

Luxcomb uses the best raw materials on the European market. We have the most modern production systems, latest generation machines which allow us to manufacture high quality products. The quality control is exhaustive both for the individual parts and for the product already assembled. The quality of our products is analyzed in our own laboratories and also controlled by qualified European laboratories, which certify us the adequacy to European regulations and give us the corresponding approvals, being what allows us to offer a product with the guarantee CE.