Covid-19 P3 filter (FFP3) made in Europe
  • Covid-19 P3 filter (FFP3) made in Europe
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IMMUN P3 filter (FFP3) - COVID-19

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The IMMUN P3 R COVID-19 P3 (FFP3) filter is designed to be used with IMMUN-1 half masks

COVID-19 filtration
- Rapid daily disinfection
- All components come from Europe
- Long-lasting cartridge: average use of 3 months or more (explanation here) 
Adult size model

Volume discounts

Quantity Price € tax excl./unit
2 à 5 8.70
6 à 10 8.40
11 à 20 8.20
21 à 49 8.00
50 7.30
51 à 60 7.60
61 à 99 7.40
100 6.60
101 à 110 7.30
111 à 149 7.00

Beyond 50 pieces, we advise you to select boxes of 50 and complete with the product individually.

For large quantities, you can request a quote using the contact form.

In stock

The cartridge has been designed to protect the filter, during the daily cleaning of the mask. The cartridge keeps for several days to several months depending on the quality of the inhaled air and its obstruction by dust. P3 filtration has 99.95% penetration protection.

All components are manufactured and assembled in an ISO9001 European partner factory which guarantees a smooth supply in the future.

Filter made up of a high-density polyethylene black base fitted with a round cover made up with the same materi-al. Between the cover and the base there is a filter against particles type P3.

Sodium chloride and paraffin oil max. ÿlter penetration equal to 0,05%.

Grinding, cutting, drilling of wood, stainless steel, paint, lacquer and corrosion, resistant paint. Varnishing with solvent-based paint, asbestos removal. Protection against bacterias and viruses. (see information on filtration and protection of COVID-19)

Bayonet connection system :

Filtre P3

CE Certification
Norms:  EN 143:2000+A1:2006.
Health and safety requirements of R.D.1407/1992 Control body number: Nº0082


Data sheet

high-density polyethylene black base

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