IMMUN-1 masks with the IMMUN P3 R (FFP3) filter are used to protect from the outside. During the suction, the air circulates in the filter and at the expiration it is evacuated by the 2 valves on the sides. Since we are not used to breathing through a filter, the first time you will feel a slight resistance to breathing due to filtration but you will quickly get used to it.

In an area at risk or in contact with the public, you will be perfectly protected to ensure your work or your service. The mask protects the healthy wearer but has no use for a sick person if it is to avoid sputtering or blowing in front of you.

I - How long can IMMUN P3 R filters be used?

The life of the filters depends on your daily use as well as your exposure to air pollution and your use. It can vary from several weeks or months depending on the quantity of particles stopped by the mask, and can be reduced to a few hours in an extremely polluted industrial environment (quarries, mines, mills, construction site ...). In a low dust environment like an office... you will probably be able to use it for 2 to 6 months or more. You change the filter when the breathing resistance becomes difficult.

If you have to change the filter before 6 months in an office environment, you are working in an environment very polluted in dust. This means that not only did the mask protect you from the virus, but also from the dust that you may have inhaled.

II - How to wash the IMMUN-1 mask and the IMMUN P3 R filter?

See the proposal simplified procedure and procedure in a medical environment in the page: Disinfection procedure

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